Join us for a 3 day in depth Seminar on the Shroud of Turin

When: Tuesday, April 4th, Wednesday, April 5th and Thursday, April 6th

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where: ASSISI HALL – St. Francis of Assisi Church
2746 East Fifth St., Castle Rock, CO 80104

Cost:  None  –  Seminar Sponsored by the St. Francis of Assisi
Knights of Columbus Council 8909 – Donations welcomed.

Light refreshments will be served by the Knights of Columbus after each session

No Photography or Recordings Allowed – Thank You


Seminar and Slide Show by: Dr. John Jackson – Physicist and President of the 1978 STURP Investigation of the Shroud of Turin and head of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Topic April 4th: The Shroud from Its Many Perspectives

Topic April 5th: The Shroud as a Witness to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday

Topic April 6th: The Shroud and Its Close Relationship to the Mass and to The Church

Background on the Connection of the Shroud to Colorado


Colorado Springs is the home of a scientific team that has collectively performed in excess of 100 person-years of scientific research on the Shroud of Turin. Dr. John Jackson, a PhD in physics, leads this scientific team. In addition to conducting Shroud research, he has taught at the university level for many years. Together with his wife Rebecca, Dr. Jackson runs the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado. In 1978, when interest in the Shroud was at its height, Dr. Jackson led a 40-person team of international scientists to Turin, Italy where they, under the auspices of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), examined the Shroud for nearly a week. No one since that time has secured such full scientific research access to the cloth. Significant amounts of different scientific data were extracted. Dr. Jackson became the primary custodian of this data and along with his scientific colleagues in Colorado, he has continued the thrust of Shroud research.

The American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud

On September 18, 2014, Bishop Michael J. Sheridan, S.Th.D. of the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado, issued a formal decree establishing a new private association of the Christian faithful, named The American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud (ACHS). The motto of the Confraternity is inspired by John 20:8 where it is reported the Apostle John first looked into the Easter Tomb and upon seeing the burial cloths of Jesus “saw and believed.” The motto is displayed nearby. The Confraternity is a sister to the Arch-Confraternity of the Most Holy Shroud which was established in 1597 by a decree of the Archbishop of Turin, Italy, and that has been in existence for more than 400 years. To this day, the Arch-Confraternity is the guardian and curator of the Shroud of Turin and is a model for ACHS. Indeed, ACHS seeks to form an affiliation with the Arch-Confraternity in Turin.

Photographs are courtesy of Barrie Schwortz – Documentation Photographer of STRUP